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New Healthy Skin Care Kit for the Clearest, Youngest Looking Skin


Without Injections or Prescriptions. 6 Professional Products in 1 Kit.















Mismatched “On Sale” drugstore products just don’t work


We’re lucky to be at the age where there are countless fantastic skin care products on the market. In every drugstore, you’ll find rows and rows of cosmetics and skin care products to choose from.  

There are products with all sorts of active ingredients, like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids, retinoids, peptides, ceramides, and more.  

But, some of these potent ingredients can cancel each other out or even ruin your skin if not used in the right order. Is there anyone at the drugstore or retail counter who is qualified to explain them to you?  

Probably not.  

Why should you waste your precious time and money when those products have little effect on your skin?  

Having healthy, radiant and younger looking skin is every woman’s dream (and men too).  







Skin problems can make you feel unattractive and self-conscious  


Like it or not, others judge you by the way you look. Your face is your trademark. Have you noticed that people with bad skin smile less? Having poor skin conditions will make you feel uncomfortable and unattractive. It can affect your emotions, relationships, personal and business. Bad skin can destroy your confidence, leading to an unhappy life.  

But, science is changing skincare in ways that weren’t possible just a few years ago.







New studies prove that you can reverse poor skin conditions  


We all know makeup can change and improve the way you look. Unfortunately, it can’t hide really bad skin conditions. Acne and wrinkles are still visible even under thick foundation.  

Don’t despair. You can treat and defeat your skin problems using the latest products and methods to treat skin conditions. But you can’t just use any of the shelf brands and think they will work for you. Your skin needs the right products designed to work in harmony with each other.

That’s why Skin Deep Pharmaceuticals developed the “Healthy Skin Care Kit” to take the guesswork out of your healthy skin regime. When used as instructed, each formula works to energize the next ingredient, resulting in more youthful skin, reducing wrinkles and coarse skin like you’ve never experienced before.





Products that complement each other are the solution to beautiful skin


We already mentioned that drugstore products might cancel each other out. For example, if you apply products containing peptides followed by another product with vitamin C, the vitamin C will weaken the peptides and make them ineffective.

But, if you apply them individually on a separate day, the active ingredients will absorb into your skin and work wonderfully. Don’t be tricked. It is not possible for one product to have all the active ingredients and work together effectively.

Our kit contains the same medical grade ingredients used by licensed estheticians and dermatologists.





What you’ll get in the Healthier Skin Care Kit


1. SKIN DEEP Pharmaceuticals Vitamin Cleanser

  • Removes Impurities without over-drying skin and enriched with Antioxidants A, B & Pycnogenol

3. SKIN DEEP Pharmaceuticals P5 Eye Serum

  • Palmitoyl Oligopeptide-3 which regenerates the skin's upper layers by stimulating collagen production while smoothing wrinkles and repairing damaged skin.
  • Dipeptide-2 improves lymphatic circulation and detoxifies your skin. Helps to Reduce puffiness by draining under-eye bags.
  • Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone which strengthens the capillaries around the eyes, reducing the leaking which causes dark circles.

5. SKIN DEEP Pharmaceuticals Vitamin C

  • A powerful anti-oxidant, our formula of vitamin C is the most stable form available. It is 20% pure Ascorbic Acid that promotes excellent collagen production and reduces the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays from sunlight.


2. SKIN DEEP Pharmaceuticals P5 Peptide Face Lift

  • Argireline decreases wrinkles, DMAE tones, and tightens the Skin, and Palmitoyl Pentapeptide, clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth up to 39% for smoother skin.

4. SKIN DEEP Pharmaceuticals P5 Serum

  • Includes three rare peptides. Tego ® Pep 4–17 to promote collagen production for plumper, firmer skin.
  • Dipeptide 2 aids in reducing dark circles under your eyes.
  • Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-14 provides long-term reduction of lines & wrinkles.


6. SKIN DEEP Pharmaceuticals Hyaluronic Serum

  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA) holds up to 1000 times its weight in water. Studies show that HA decreases the depth of wrinkles up to 40% and skin hydration up to 96%. The firmness and elasticity of the skin significantly improved, up to 55%, at the end of eight weeks.





All SkinDermis brand products are carefully manufactured by SKIN DEEP Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in a U.S. laboratory, approved and inspected by the FDA.  

Kristine Ross, a licensed medical aesthetician for 20 years, founded SKIN DEEP Pharmaceuticals, Inc. over 15 years ago. She sold balanced skin care products exclusively to licensed dermatologists and estheticians.  

Today, you can purchase the same quality products from home use without a prescription.  

If you have questions concerning your skin or our products, they will be answered by experienced skin care professionals instead of regular customer support. Unlike a cosmetic company, our staff will help you with your questions and not try to upsell products to you.

FDA approved cosmeceuticals available without a prescription  


You might be wondering, what is a cosmeceutical? A cosmeceutical product is a topical product used to treat the skin from the outside. It has the unique ability to penetrate the dermal or living layer of the skin and effect a change from the inside out. All Skin Deep cosmeceuticals are produced in an FDA-licensed facility right here in the United States using the purest ingredients.  

We’ve been selling highly effective anti-aging and anti-acne products to dermatologists and licensed estheticians for over fifteen years. Now is your opportunity to get balanced skin care products that work together to make your skin smoother, clearer and more toned.





Our customers feel the difference in their skin



“I started using Skin Deep Pharmaceuticals because my esthetician used and sold their products. I moved and am so glad I found them online. The products are not cheap, but I learned how to use them properly from my esthetician. I can make 1 ounce of peptides last 2 months. My only suggestion is to get more cleanser and the astringent to really clean well.” - Wendy Mcmullen on Sep 18, 2017

“I started using Skin Deep Pharmaceuticals because of my esthetician. Their products are great, but buying in the larger quantities was tough sometimes. I received the kit and am very happy.” - Joyce S on Apr 17, 2016

“I have some serious sun damage from my carefree years so, I just decided to continue to use the peptides and retinol (I purchased that separately) after the pregnancy. After 3 years I still order regularly although, I change the products based on what my skin needs. When I have a question, I actually emailed them photos of my skin to get their opinion. I can tell that a professional answered my questions and not just a paid salesperson.” - Jennifer L on Sep 19, 2017



You’ll love our products or your money back  


We know you will see and feel positive results. However, if you don’t see or feel a difference and are not happy with our products for any reason, we’ll refund your purchase price without a hassle. No need to ship the unused bottle back, unlike most companies.  

Remember, we have licensed estheticians on staff to answer any questions about your skin condition. They can even help you by looking at a photo of your particular problem area.



One perfect skincare kit, two fabulous offers







Regular price: $ 349.00  

Kit: Complete Skin Regeneration Kit


Skin Deep Pharmaceuticals would like you to try our professional Healthy Skincare Kit, so we’re giving you two options.

OPTION #1 – When you purchase the Healthy Skincare Kit today, receive $100 off the purchase price. Just click the appropriate button below to receive your discount at checkout.

Total price: $249.00 $349.00



OPTION #2 – Get all six products in the Healthy Skincare Kit plus Retinol Rx (4 Retinol Treatments) at no extra charge. Our serum is 4%, and one of our treatments is equivalent to 6 months of a typical drugstore brand. It’s worth $140 retail value.

Total price: $349.00 $489.00




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