Make Your Skin Winter-Ready


Make Your Skin Winter-Ready

Posted: Dec 16 2017

Make Your Skin Winter-Ready:

Know your skin, avoid hot showers

It's everyone's dream to have soft radiant skin that tolerates the effects of chilly temperature and also bears all the desert like heat. Winter weather is for sure not fun for your skin. If not taken care of, dry skin can lead to cracking and bleeding. Indoor heats further add to robbing the moisture from the skin and so do excessively hot showers.

 With all these harsh attacks on skin, it is extremely important to invest in the right skin care routine and choose your products wisely. In order to do that efficiently, it is equally important to understand your skin first. One needs to “know” his or her skin, whether it's oily, dry or a combination skin. Additional conditions such as uneven tone, acne,  and sun damage are important factors. 

We often go by the fragrances or the texture of the products while purchasing them, but it’s the active ingredients that actually matters.

 Dr. Rohit Batra Dermatologist, said, "If someone has an oily skin, gel or non-comedogenic (not pore blocking) based moisturizers are best to be used." When asked for suggestions for choosing the correct formula for skin, Dr. Batra added, "People with dry skin need to select products having natural (non-petroleum) based oils and waxes such as shea, coconut, or palm. For someone who has  allergy or acne prone skin, one should opt for moisturizer containing sodium hyaluronate (a/k/a hyaluronic acid). People with combination skin should go for oil based rather than water based solution, as it is more likely to help your skin retain moisturizer in winter."


 Since applying moisturizer is a necessity, make sure that you take advantage of ones that have additional important ingredients that can help you skin recover such as vitamins A, E, or C.  Peptides that are oil friendly also can do work wonders. The reason for this is that naturally spend more time indoors so our sun exposure tends to be less.

 That being said, remember to ALWAYS use a SPF rated sunscreen when you go out. It may not be hot but UV rays can actually be much stronger.



Skin care is not only restricted to topical applications, but what one consumes also decides the health of your skin.

Especially in winter, one must take utmost care while selecting the right food options. Dietitian Nancy Chen suggests everyone eat healthy oils. Vegan and meat diets have many great options to choose from. She said, "Winter foods have some good calories and great nutrition. One must consume a nutritionally rich diet or foods rich in omega 3 like fish, salmon etc. Vegetables such as avocados and nuts are equally great.

 With beautiful skin and a healthy body, you can enjoy winter love. The combination of a professional skin care line and smart eating, will ensure glowing healthy skin, making your winters less stressful and more enjoyable.

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